Saturday, 16 October 2010

Light Night Leeds

We didn't manage to get round as much of the events as we wanted this year because there were so many people and long queues. Highlights were again in the Town Hall and the gloomy St John's Church. In the latter The Beads of light by Michelle Buckley didn't deliver the glittering punch imagined but Terry Wragg's installation Fingerlit was glorious - pairs of delicate white gloves lit from within glowed eerily in the darkness, folded in prayer or gripping the edges of the pews like the spirits of the dead whose monolithic tombstones lined the path through the graveyard.

Down underneath the Town Hall the ceiling of the Bridewell Corridor twinkled with a thousand paper origami cranes by Kirsty Ware called Light at the End of the Tunnel. Fragile and pure pieces of beauty. Sean Best's glowing installation Small Lighthouses was also effective although their meaning re-museums and their collections was obscure. Fun moments were coming across the owls outside the library with their little knitted scarves and the modest bronze nymphs with their knitted bras!

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